Alexandria Clay Co-Op

Alexandria Clay Co-Op

Alexandria Clay Cooperative is a cooperative of potters and ceramic artists in Alexandria, VA.


This nine-week workshop will teach students how to make hand-built pottery utilising a variety of techniques including slab building, coil pots, extruded clay, pinch pots, and more.


This 9-week workshop offers training on wheel-thrown pottery techniques and glazing to students of all abilities.

Those new to wheel-thrown pottery or looking for a refresher will learn the fundamentals, such as centering, pulling walls, shaping, and trimming. Beginner glazing techniques will be covered as well.

KIDS & TEENS CLASS (Ages 8-16)

Students will explore the material of clay through a range of hand-building projects in this 6-week workshop, which is open to children ages 8 to 16.

Students will learn about clay kinds, kiln fire, and glazing while watching the process of making pottery from start to end. Coil construction, pinch pots, and slab construction will all be covered.

Address: 2389 S Dove St, Alexandria, VA 22314