Department of Studio Arts

University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Department of Studio Arts encourages rich experiences in visual arts and creative expression. We believe that curiosity and hands-on engagement in the making of art prepares all students with skills in problem solving, ideation, and the articulation of abstract concepts that enrich and contribute to the dialogue in visual art and other fields.

Toward our mission:

  • We provide levels of experiential inquiry for undergraduates including: a Bachelor of Arts major in Studio Arts, a minor, a related area of study, and introductory-level studio courses serving the school’s General Education liberal arts curriculum.
  • We educate students to see, think, and make through explorations in diverse media with a curriculum grounded in traditional and contemporary approaches.
  • We empower students to consider and present their work in a larger context through discussions, critiques, lectures, performances, screenings, and exhibitions.
  • We cultivate interdisciplinary pursuits and opportunities within and beyond the university.
  • We produce art in a broad range of media that engages contemporary ideas and practices with a committed faculty recognized professionally for their excellence as artists and educators.

Address: 650 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15213