Art Academy of Dayton

Art Academy of Dayton

Welcome to the Art Academy Of Dayton.

Giving the finest art education in the world.

Here you will master the fundamentals which will give you consistent professional-level art.

Talent has nothing to do with it, anyone who can write their name can learn. With this program and diligent work, your artwork can look like this, every time.
These oils paintings were done by our high school students.
We have Youth classes (7-12 years old) and Teen/Adult classes.

For artists at every level, beginner to advanced, the Art Academy affords a relaxing environment with a result-driven program of foundational art training.

Understanding that technical proficiency is the underpinning of all good art, the Academy offers a rigorous program to develop these skills.

Employing a unique approach of contemporary methods built upon the traditions of the old masters, the Academy provides an education that quickly delivers results to its students.

Address: 8973 Kingsridge Dr, Dayton, OH 45458

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