School for Creative and Performing Arts

School for Creative and Performing Arts

Magnet school in Cincinnati, Ohio

WEareSCPA is the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) of Cincinnati’s School for Creative Performing Arts (SCPA).

It sounds simple, and really, it is. SCPA is more than just a building. It is even more than just a school. SCPA is a family. The family includes teachers, parents, alumni, and members of the community. And most importantly, it includes students.

WEareSCPA (Welcome Educators, Students, Community, Parents, Alumni) should be a place where you can find out what is going on at SCPA, connect with others in the SCPA family, and let us know what you are doing at, after, or because of SCPA.

Please be respectful of others on this page. Whether you are a current student, an alum, a parent, a member of the faculty or staff, or just an interested member of the public, your thoughts and opinions matter. However, so do everyone else’s. So please be courteous.

Those who ruin discussion threads or photos with their negativity may be deleted. But nobody wants that. We are a family, and families stick together.

Address: 108 W Central Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45202