Zeber-Martell Gallery & Clay Studio

Zeber-Martell Gallery & Clay Studio

Michael Martell and Claudia Zeber-Martell have created a retail exhibition of useful and beautiful ceramic artwork in their downtown Akron workshop.

For those who like utilising and admiring artwork on a daily basis, handcrafted metalwork, glasswork, and jewellery are all available.

Claudia Zeber-Martell began her career as a painter, and she uses a lot of surface ornamentation in her work, with pictures that are a mix of internal visualisation and external stimulus.

Over the course of two decades, Michael Martell’s pottery has progressed from conventional salt-glazed and wood-fired stoneware to expressive graceful works with contemporary shape.

Address: 43 Furnace St # G, Akron, OH 44308