New York Academy of Art

New York Academy of Art

Art school in New York City, New York

The New York Academy of Art is a private art school in Tribeca, New York City. The academy offers a Master of Fine Arts degree with a focus on technical training and critical discourse as well as a Post-baccalaureate Certificate of Fine Art.

Through major exhibitions, a lively speaker series and an ambitious education program, the Academy serves as a creative and intellectual center for all artists dedicated to highly skilled figurative and representational art.

For over thirty years, the New York Academy of Art has been the place where talented emerging artists develop a personal vision by building upon the enduring traditions of figurative painting, drawing and sculpture to create vital contemporary art.

Each year the Academy is home to more than one hundred artists pursuing the master of fine arts degree, as well as hundreds of individuals enrolled in our continuing education program.

Founded in 1982 by Andy Warhol and other influential artists, collectors and patrons, the Academy is the first and most significant graduate school in the United States to focus on the human body. Its distinguished faculty, visiting critics, lecturers and master class instructors include renowned artists Eric Fischl, Jenny Saville, Will Cotton and Vincent Desiderio and critic Donald Kuspit. See Less

Address: 111 Franklin St, New York, NY 10013