Krowne Vocal SchoolNYC

Krowne Vocal School

Music school in New York City, New York

Welcome! We offer state-of-the-art vocal coaching for contemporary singers. We welcome accomplished performers ​as well as complete beginners ​to learn how to sing ​with power, precision, and personality in a super supportive environment! ​

KVS provides state-of-the-art singing classes for beginners and professional pop, rock, and soul singers

Would you like to growl like Christina Aguilera, run the riffs like Hozier, or belt it out effortlessly like Whitney?

What all these (and other great) artists have in common are two things: excellent singing technique and lots of practice!

At Krowne Vocal School, we welcome accomplished performers as well as complete beginners to learn how to sing with power, precision and personality!

Unfold your true potential in an extremely supportive environment. In the heart of Manhattan! Our students’ achievements are our rewards!

Address: 146 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001