Arts For All

Non-profit organization in Omaha, Nebraska

Arts For All, Inc. is a dynamic arts education program developed to be affordable for all. We provide quality culturally enriched classes that encourage personal growth.

After careful consideration of several factors, Arts For All will not offer in-person classes as previously planned for the Fall 2021 12-week semester.

First and foremost among these reasons is concern for the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff, and community partners.

Emerging information from health authorities concerning the COVID-19 Delta variant overwhelmingly indicate that youth are among the most vulnerable to this infection.

Arts For All is choosing to err on the side of caution. Arts For All programs serves a majority of youth. Similarly, many Arts For All teachers and staff have regular contact with youth populations outside of our programs, serving as educators in our community.

With the information available at this time, Arts For All is proceeding with cautious optimism and will plan to resume in-person classes at a later time.

Address: 4855 Decatur St, Omaha, NE 68104