Portfolio Gallery & Education

Art gallery in St. Louis, Missouri

Portfolio Gallery is an art gallery that promotes Artist that are of the African American heritage. We are also an education center providing art classes.

The mission of Portfolio Gallery and Education Center is to educate and enrich lives and foster a greater awareness of American artist of African American heritage.


Saint Louis artist and educator Robert A. Powell founded Portfolio in 1989. At the time he recognized that even African American artist such as Gordan Parks Jacob Lawrence Varnette Honeywood and Richard Hunt (Just to name a few) were relatively obscured in the visual arts world.

He also understood the important role of history and culture in our community.

Powell started off as a one man organizer- administrator, Curator, Exhibit installer/De-installer, fundraiser and sometimes even carpenter.

Portfolio Gallery showcases and provides and following services:

  • Local, Regional, National/International renowned African American Artist
  • Direct artist education to Children, Adults, and Developmentally disabled persons.
  • Works with educators to enhance traditional arts in the school setting
  • Offers lectures, Demonstrations, and Opportunities for cultural and intellectual exchange.

Come and enjoy art in a warm social atmosphere and lively exchange of ideas and conversation here at Portfolio Gallery.

Meet the artist on exhibit and add to your collection and if you’ve been hesitant to start your own collection Portfolio is the perfect place to start your own. See Less

Address: 3514 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63103