The Boston School of Painting

The Boston School of Painting

Art studio in Somerville, Massachusetts

Polins Atelier is the premiere spot for studies of contemporary realism in the heart of Boston.

Our Philosophy – The Boston School of Painting’s teachings are based on the techniques and philosophies espoused by founder Jason Polins.

The curriculum, methodology and techniques are a cumulative approach to painting and drawing based on his extensive training and background in both the Florence Academy of Art, a traditional atelier of Italy, as well as his private studies under notable painters Nelson Shanks and Garry Hoffman.

The Boston School of Painting challenges students through a progressive curriculum of rigorous studies through direct observation of shape, line, and colour.

By following coursework with critiques and group discussion, students are exposed to in depth artistic philosophy to couple alongside intense mastery over the fundamentals of painting and drawing to create art that is both meaningful and powerful.

Address: 86 Joy St, Somerville, MA 02143