Art & Design Studio of Janna Geary

Art & Design Studio of Janna Geary

Art school in Wildomar, California

We provide year around fine art and design training and mentorship to students (ages 6-19) who are seeking a rich, creative experience.

Our students take on projects that reveal their true potential, and are equally supported and guided to be successful in their work.

Our small classes provide a unique opportunity for one-on-one tutelage for each student.

Students are met right where they are and quickly acclimate to our inspiring, upbeat studio experience.

We seek to cultivate students into real, working artists who can one day seize opportunities to use their work in the real world.

We are a vendor for Inspire Charter School, Valiant, Sage Oak, Epic Charter, Excel Charter, Julian Charter, and River Springs Charter Schools.

Address: 33229 Homestead Ln, Wildomar, CA 92595