Art School of SF Bay (San Jose)

Art School of SF Bay (San Jose)

Art school in San Jose, California

We teach foundational art – in a modern way. Our classes are fun and effective, our methods creative* and our students’ results are spectacular! *Our students learn to draw fluently anything they want from imagination or nature (be that humans, animals or aliens, vehicles or landscapes), using any approachable art media.

We train them to be in control of all stages of creative process, from scratch to final touches, and to apply this knowledge in other (non-artistic) aspects of their lives.

We do not teach our students to copy artworks made by someone else, artworks where all decisions are made for them.

We help them develop a better connection with themselves, know what they want, and how to reach their goals.

Address: 700 S Winchester Blvd #15, San Jose, CA 95128