Kazone Art Academy

Kazone Art Academy

Art school in Irvine, California

Kazone Art Academy is founded by entertainment industry veterans, Rhe and Lim Hur. Rhe and Lim has more than twelve years of extensive working experience in Entertainment Industry.

Together, they have created a place where artists can thrive in learning while also feeling a sense of support and enthusiam for art.

We understand that every person has different personality, process, challenge, and unique talent.

At Kazone, we help students to breakthrough the learning barriers and maximize the potential of each student, so they have the confidence and skills to realize their greatest dreams.

If you want reach your dream, you are in the right place. Grasping the fundamentals of design and drawing is essential to the pursuit of a diversity of careers in various industry; to not develop these skills is simply to forever limit your potential and destiny in an increasingly competitive world.

We offer portfolio preparation curriculum that will help prospective students matriculate to premier art school in the U.S In addition, our faculties will help current art students and artists to gain the skills necessary to make a smooth transition into the work force.

You will learn from best instructors, because we carefully chose our instructor based on their accolade, education, specialties, and teaching experience. This is the reason why we feel absolutely confident that we will meet and exceed your needs.

With Kazone, you can chart your own course and follow your dream! See Less

Address: 4850 Barranca Pkwy #201, Irvine, CA 92604